Vocabol 2.0

Mobile application to help you study English vocabulary and grammar

"Vocabol is a download of a GRE dictionary that is compatible with many mobile phones. This software comes with tools to build your vocabulary and prepare for the GRE< GMAT, CAT and more.

Vocabol is stocked with nearly 3700 words from barrons that can be studied on your mobile device. This software contains the synonym, definition, antonym and an example sentence for each word.

Vocabol allows users to customize their own definition, synonym, or antonym if they so choose. This program also lets you mark each word with a learned symbol to keep track of progress.

Vocabol also comes stocked with 1200 antonym questions, 250 sentence completion questions, and 75 analogies questions. This utility should be downloaded by those who want to study for the GRE or other test on their mobile device.

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